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Air Handling Unit Selection and HVAC Equipment selection is as much an Art as it is a Science.

You start with the desired – or calculated – capacity of air conditioning and heating the air handing unit must provide. Then select which air handling unit manufacturer to base the design and specification.

It is prudent to compare the dimensions and weights of several manufacturers to ensure the installed unit fits within its allotted space. Select which options, accessories, modifications, etc. the unit must have to meet the desired performance, maintenance, and control.

And finally, schedule the unit – or units – on the construction document plans and in the specifications. Simultaneously during the design and selection, coordinate size, weight, configuration, duct and piping layouts with the Owner, Architect, Electrical Engineer, Plumbing Engineer, and Structural Engineer.

Coordination with all the other design trades and buy-in by the owner are essential to the successful design and installation of an air handling unit system.

HVAC Load Calculator

The Air Handling Unit Selection Worksheet was designed to be used simultaneously and in conjunction with the HVAC Load Calculation Worksheet although it can stand alone if you know the conditions you are attempting to satisfy.

The Air Handling Unit Selection Worksheet uses parameters such as sensible load, latent load and total load to provide the remaining variables needed to select and specify air handling units. This tool can be used for small single zone fan coil units and split systems up to large, industrial-type air conditioning systems.

The worksheet also has a section for estimating internal, external, and total static pressure so that fan selections can also be performed. By using the Air Handling Unit Selection Worksheet and the HVAC Load Calculator you and your firm could realize significant increases in overall project profitability, project delivery times, and improved accuracy in scheduling of air handling equipment.

Click HERE to receive a free, locked version of theĀ Air Handling Unit Selection Worksheet. The locked version allows for limited inputs but shows the overall functionality of the worksheet.

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Air Handling Unit Selection Worksheet

Air Handling Unit Selection Worksheet


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